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Laser dentistry

Painless, Drill-Free, Cavities removal without the “annoying” drill sound, which is especially suitable for children, as well as for adults who have a dislike to the drill sound.

Laser bleeching

Non agressive laser bleeching – Perfect results for your breathtaking smile.

Fixed and removable prostodontics

Our dental lab technicians follow trends and are up to date with all the new products available at the markets including Metal Ceramic Crowns, Zirconium  (Non-Metallic) Crowns, Veneers, Dentures etc.

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Peridontal diseases

Have you noticed gum bleeding during teeth brushing? It’s a sign for alarm! Periodontal Diseases are successfully treated thanks to the new Laser Technology.

Root canal treatment

We treat “untreatable” problems with laser technology – longlasting inflammation in the root canal, dental Granuloma and cysts.


Excellent results in the treatment of mouth sores, herpes lesions, mouth dryness, inflammation of the mandibular nerv and other.

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